...Goro + Gun (Calgary)

Overall - 9/10
Food - 9/10
Service - 9.5/10
Ambiance - 9/10
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For those not in the know, we have just added a new addition to our family in the form of a sweet little 6 week old girl. In adjusting to life with a little one, we have found that we really miss eating out at some of our favourite restaurants. Thankfully we've discovered that with a little bit of planning we can still try out some of the places we've been eyeing for a while. One of those places is Goro + Gun which is a trendy ramen joint located in Scotia Centre. Aside from having amazing food, a great happy hour menu and a convenient location, the servers and staff were wonderfully accommodating to our young family. 

As mentioned, we decided to dine at an earlier hour to avoid the rush and were seated right away.  A happy hour menu was available prior to 6pm and included $5 pints of Sapporo and $5 appetizers.  We chose the pork belly ramen sliders and the BBQ beef short ribs.  The sliders were made from tender pork belly and kimchi sandwiched between crispy fried ramen cakes. The ramen cakes were a touch oily but the melt in your mouth pork belly more than made up for this slight imperfection. The BBQ short ribs were delicious and tender with a sweet marinade and dipping sauce. For only $5 we thought these two dishes were a great deal.

Since we aren't able to get out as frequently anymore these days, we also decided to try one of their rainbow rolls. The rice was well done and the fish was super fresh. The use of scallop sashimi and trout roe to top it off with added a nice upscale touch to a pretty ubiquitous roll. 

For our ramen course we chose the spicy lamb and pork belly/kimchi ramen. The broths were perfectly seasoned and the toppings on each were quite unique and tasty. The spicy ground lamb really had an intense lamb flavour that might not be to everyone's tastes but for me it was delicious. The pork belly again was really tender and flavourful while the spicy/sourness of the kimchi cut through the rich broth. If you're extra hungry like we were, make sure to get a smoked tea egg as well.


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