Stuffed with pork, ginger, garlic and garlic chives these little fried dumplings are great alongside noodles or just by themselves. In this recipe you'll find a sure fire way to cook these up so that you get that perfect combination of crispy crust and tender steamed meat. 

Sometimes when you're craving a roast chicken dinner and are rushed for time, chicken thighs are your best bet. They roast up really quickly and in my opinion are the most flavourful and succulent parts of the chicken. The sweet and savoury flavours of apple and sage when roasted with the chicken makes for an awesome one pot sauce to go with your dinner.

Overall - 8/10
Food - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
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Do you have any recommendations for memorable dishes and/or great places to eat in France?  

-Tours & surrounding area (Loire Valley)
-Aix-en-Provence & surrounding area

Au Pied du Cochon (Paris)- charcuterie.  Amazing.

Overall - 9/10
Food - 9/10
Service - 9/10
Ambiance - 9/10
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