Yes, you saw that right.  Fast Food aka Mall Cuisine.  You have to admit that there are times when we all give into the convenience and the primal urge to satisfy ones hunger with some greasy deep-fried-anything.  Here are some reviews of three fast food restaurants we've eaten at in the last few weeks (ones where picture evidence was taken!).   What's your favourite fast food indulgence?  Let us know!

Butter Chicken Poutine

Every so often you have to give into your fried chicken craving. After having tried pretty much every fried chicken joint from KFC to Chicken on the Way we have always been a bit disappointed by the soggy skin and greasiness. If you decide to fry your own chicken you can be guaranteed crispy skin and fresh flavorfull chicken. This is an easy recipe that takes no time to make and the honey drizzle right before you bite into it is like nothing you've ever tried before! 
Salmon cakes are a great alternative to your typical pan fry or BBQ cooked salmon.  The result is crispy and flavourful and ranks high even with those whose favourite may not be fish.  You could choose to serve it as a main alongside a summery salad or as an appetizer.  This recipe is quite basic, meaning you can add other seasonings to personalize the flavour.  If you have the time, you could make it a day in advance since chilling the fish cakes prior to cooking does take at least an hour.  A little patience goes a long way!

Salmon cakes with butter garlic shrimp, bok choy on rice

Overall - 9/10
Food -  8.5/10
Service - 9/10
Ambiance- 9/10
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