...Organic Beef (Ribeye Steak)

What is so special about organic beef you ask? In our opinion the flavour is more intense, the texture is usually more tender and in general it just feels like you're eating beef as opposed to the shrink-wrapped, watery meat that you get at a lower price. I don't want to come off sounding like a beef snob, but when it comes to special occasions where steak is on the menu, you just feel more satisfied going with the higher quality organic beef even if the price is higher. 

There are two organic beef purveyors that we frequent. The first is located in the old Kingsland Farmers Market (now renamed Market of Macleod), called Hoven Farms. They offer a number of different meats, including organic chicken and lamb in addition to their fine beef. We bought a rib eye steak and a New York strip steak to compare. The strip steak was more flavourful but the rib eye took the prize in the tenderness department. A mushroom cream sauce was the perfect accompaniment to both steaks.

Silver Sage Beef, located in the Calgary Farmer's Market, specializes only in beef. At their stall you can get pretty much any cut of beef you're looking for. Amongst our favourites are their ground chuck (great for hamburgers and meatballs) and thick cut short ribs. For comparison sake we went with a rib eye to see how it stacked up to the one we had the week before at Hoven Farms. Interestingly, we found the rib eye here was slightly more tender and just as flavourful. We prepared it simply with salt and pepper.

In the end it doesn't matter where you decide to get your organic beef, just go ahead and take the plunge. Your tastebuds will be satisfied with the wonderful flavours and the knowledge that your beef is free from hormones, antibiotics and is ethically raised.


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