...Silver Sage Burgers (Calgary)

Overal - 8/10
Food - 8/10
Service - 8/10
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Ever since trying the beef from Silver Sage at the Calgary Famers Market we've been hooked. Everything from their steaks to their ground chuck is top notch. On those days when we're at the farmers market and we just can't wait to sink our teeth into their beef we go to Silver Sage Burgers located in the "food court" to satisfy our craving.

Their patties are 3 ounces each and you can choose from three different sizes for each of their speciality burgers from a slider (1patty) to a regular (2 patties) all the way up to the 'cowboy' (4 patties). The beef as you would expect is flavourful and juicy and each patty is cooked to perfection with a nice crusty exterior. The buns deserve special mention as well. They have just the right amount of "breadiness" to hold the burger together without disintegrating.

I choose the bacon burger which came with cheddar cheese, smoky bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and hot banana peppers. I topped it off with a scoop of what appeared to be their homemade relish. This is the burger for those who prefer a classic.
For the more adventurous the 'Urban bistro' burger is the way to go.  The combination of goat cheese, tomatoes, guacamole and mayo was really delicious.
When it comes to sides you can choose from regular fries or sweet potato. We went with the sweet potato and were not disappointed. All too often sweet potato fries can have a tendency to be limp and soggy, but these ones were crisp and crunchy most likely because of their 'crinkle' cut texture.


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