If you're looking for some quick and delicious appetizers to make when you have friends coming over or just a nice simple dinner for two, these two crostini toppings won't disappoint. Remember to enjoy with a bottle of your favorite beer or wine!

Baking this cake is like bringing alittle sunshine into your kitchen.  The strawberries,whipped cream on this light and airy sponge cake are hard to resist.  This recipe is adapted from "Cook with Jamie".  He uses jam and fresh berries (blueberries, blackberries and raspberries), however, I enjoy making my own strawberry compote and controlling the amount of sugar in the filling.

The traditional Lions head stew gets its name from the mane-like appearance of the ribs of the cabbage as they slowly braise over deep fried pork meatballls. My version is a bit different. Instead of shaping the pork into meatballs and laying the cabbage over top to braise, I stuff the filling into the leaves and reconstruct the head of cabbage.

Ah France, how I miss thee. Two summers in a row in the land of decadent cheeses, delicious 4 euro wines, exquisite pastries, daily fresh food markets (the list goes on and on), was not enough.  As of late, I find myself pining for the 8 euro bone marrow, the ever-ubiquitous buttery goodness that is escargot and the ability to have dinner at 11:30 pm on a packed patio. As our travels will bring us elsewhere this summer, I have been gravitating towards anything that will remind me of those fond memories in Lyon and Paris.

Madeleines are French miniature sponge-like cakes in the shape of seashells. Besides looking pretty, they are delicious and go well with a nice cup of tea. Taken from a recipe book I have forgotten the name of years ago, this blueberry version is simple to make. All that you require that is out of the ordinary is the madeleine pan, which you can find quite readily if you look.

Do you or someone you know dislike the traditional tomato sauces that often are watery, too sour and lacking in flavor? A great way to get a really intensely flavored sauce that is thick and coats your pasta well is to first roast all of the normal veggies you would put in your sauce to concentrate their flavors.

I don't know if it's just me, but fake crab meat is one of those products that even though is completely different from what it's supposed to emulate, still tastes really good. Simulated bacon bits and ketchup flavored potato chips both fall into this category of food. Here is a recipe that is great if you need a quick, tasty and filling dish that's easy to put together.

Served on rice