On a Friday night, after a long work week nothing is easier to make or more satisfying to eat than a herb roasted chicken dinner.
Growing up, Sunday dinner would usually be at my grandmother's house. One of her specialties was braised pork belly, her dish was the perfect combination of melt in your mouth pork and fragrant Chinese spices including star anise and five spice. Although not quite as good as hers this recipe comes pretty close.

Overall - 7.5/10
Food - 8/10
Service -7/10
Ambiance -7/0

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Location: 100 - 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd. NE Calgary, AB

It's been two months, and last week we literally, cracked into our cheese and decided to sample it before we shared it with our dinner guests the following night...

About a year ago, I bought a pizza stone for about $10 at Benix.  Since then, the pizza stone has proven to be invaluable, producing the best tasting pizzas I've ever had.  My favourite kind of pizza has a thin crispy crust and fresh toppings.  The pizza dough can be made in advance and formed into several discs and stored in the freezer for future use. When you have the dough ready in the freezer, dinner can be as quick as 15 minutes.  This is how we make it...