Banana pancakes.  What more can I say?  Simple, easy, scrumptious and the perfect way to start your Saturday morning.

Having been to numerous chinatowns throughout the world from New York to Honolulu the common denominators always seems to include cheap eats and stores selling knock-off merchandise. Where ever we end up going though the chinatown here in Calgary continues to be a place where we always return feeling at home and comfortable. Call it nostalgia but having spent the majority of my weekends growing up visiting the many restaurants, bakeries and one of a kind boutiques; no glitzy, ultra modern asian supermarket can seem to replace that yearning to wander the slightly grimy streets of our chinatown.

In the next little while we'll be sharing a few of our favourite spots to grab a bowl of noodles, side of BBQ pork or the best egg tarts in town. Let us know where your favourites are because I'm sure even after years of exploring those 3 tiny blocks there are spots we've yet to try. 

Hoisin sauce is sweet chinese dipping sauce that often comes along side Peking duck. Although it can be quite sweet it is well balanced by the savoury flavours of soy, garlic and chilli. We have a jar on hand in our refrigerator at all times and find it makes a great impromptu marinade for any type of meat from pork chops to fish. In this recipe the sugar and salt in the Hoisin sauce help to cure the salmon making the flesh moist and juicy while complimenting the natural flavours of the fish. The addition of a buttery panko breadcrumb crust on top of the salmon adds a great crunch to the final dish.
You may have noticed from our previous posts that our favourite cut of beef has to be the ribeye steak. No other cut can seem to match up to the sheer tenderness and intense beefy flavour. The debate that rages in our house though is how to prepare the perfect steak. My wife favours  the simple flavours of the beef highlighted only with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper while I prefer my ribeye with a homemade smokey chilli and brown sugar rub. Take a look and let us know which ribeye you think should come out on top!