...La Bodegueta (Barcelona)

Overall - 9/10
Food - 9/10
Service - 8.5/10
Ambiance - 9/10

Have you ever had that experience where you sit down at a hastily chosen restaurant and that feeling that you're going to be fleeced for your meal suddenly appears? Maybe it's the unhappy diners around you, or the loud decor that seems to be trying too hard to draw your attention away from the food. Whatever it is, your gut is usually right and not only is the food substandard but worst of all you feel like you're going to be ripped off.

When going to a major metropolitan city with lots of visitors, the places described above are in abundance. Thankfully if you get good advice or if you just happen to stumble upon a place like La Bodegueta in Barcelona; everything just feels right and you know you're going to be in for a treat.

For lack of a better description, La Bodegueta is the real deal. The food is authentic and without pretence. Walking in, you know right away from the atmosphere that you'll be sitting down to a delicious, satisfying meal that will still leave plenty of cash in your pocket for souvenirs.

'Pulpo Galaga' is a simple dish of tender octopus paired with the fruitiness of extra virgin olive oil and the smokiness of paprika 

A generous serving of Manchego cheese, a sharp aged cheese made of goats milk

This thinly sliced Catalan pork sausage called 'Fuet' was salty and delicious

Deep fried cuttlefish or 'Sepia' as its called in Catalan was fresh and deep fried to perfection

A simple dish of fried potatoes with smashed soft boiled eggs was satisfying in a 'breakfast for dinner' kind of way 

Goat cheese preserved in olive oil was very sharp and may not be to everyones tastes 

Croquettes stuffed with tender braised meat and again deep fried to perfection

A fois gras flan was a surprising item on the menu, but after tasting the rich flavours of goose liver we decided it made perfect sense to be included on the bold and rustic menu at La Bodegueta


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