...La Cueva (Granada)

Overall - 8/10
Food - 9/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance 8/10

As it turns out, hospitality is not dead after all. Traveling through Spain for the month, we encountered so many kind and generous individuals that made our trip so memorable. Our final destination was Granada in the south of Spain, and it was here that we saw how far Spanish hospitality extends. After spending hours on the train, we were both famished and parched from the long journey and 35 degree heat that greeted us. Our need for convenience saw us decide on this little eatery located across from our hostel; the crowds of people and the numerous hams hanging  from the ceiling were tell tale signs that that we were in for a good meal.

Upon being seated we ordered our drinks (Alhambra Beer) and were immediately served a huge plate of ham along with our beers to snack on. Coming from North America, where getting something for 'free' invariably brings out our suspicious side; we enquired with our waiter who informed us that in the south of Spain it is traditional to offer guests a snack with their drinks. With such hospitality we found ourselves frequenting this establishment numerous times, not just for the free food itself, but because of how welcome we were made to feel.

La Cueva had three locations scattered around Granada which was great since we were never far from a great meal while exploring this beautiful city.  Specializing in anything and everything pork, La Cueva reminded us of a spanish version of Aux Pied Du Cochon in Paris. Below are a selection of our favourite dishes.

The Jamón Iberico was salty, chewy and full of flavour

The Queso de Cerdo Tostada was a pressed terrine of pork thinly sliced and served over toasted bread

Freshly squeezed orange juice and café con leche

One of our many free snacks, thinly sliced pork over toasted bread

Revuelto de Morcilla: scrambled eggs with blood sausage and garlic chives

Huevos rotos con patatas y jamón: Roasted eggs over potatoes and ham

Alhambra Beer, perfect for those scorchingly hot days

Manchego Cheese


  1. mmmm... I miss spain! You must of hit up all the fancy places, I regret not being able to go to as many, since I was on a budget.
    All the food looks good though.

  2. La Cueva is a franchise, and it really isn't that fancy. We found the prices to be quite reasonable. Food in Spain is definately something we miss!