...Cafe Momoko (Calgary)

Overall - 8.5/10
Food - 8.5/10
Service - 9/10
Ambiance - 7.5/10

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Cafe Momoko is a cozy (small) place situated in an inconspicuous strip mall in the community of West Springs.  We've had the opportunity to dine here a few times and we think the real star on the menu is their Korean BBQ (bulgogi).  The owners being Korean themselves, take pride in their food and service.  The host who also is the sole server in the "cafe", is very friendly and polite, making sure all your needs are met.  The menu is comprised of Korean and Japanese dishes.

Korean beer comes with a side of wasabi peas.  Hite, is a refreshing light lager made of barley malt and rice.

The bulgogi combo which includes beef short rib, sliced beef, chicken, pork, rice and a deep fried yam slice.  Alongside is lettuce leaves, pickled daikon, kimchi pickled daikon and shredded purple cabbage salad.  This combo will satisfy two people easily.  The meat is flavourful and makes a perfectly balanced wrap with the lettuce and daikon.  

There are an assortment of sushi rolls to choose from, all of the ones we've tried are quite good.  The sushi is not as refined as the ones at authentic Japanese restaurants.  The cuts were not as clean and the sushi was not rolled as precisely.  However, the fish was fresh and the flavours were comparable to other Japanese locales.  

Spicy tuna roll

Rainbow roll

Forget the name of this one :S
Dynamite roll

If you find yourself trying to decide between Japanese or Korean, we suggest you go with the Korean dishes.  Overall a great little place to dine!



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