...Vintage Chophouse and Tavern (Calgary)

Overall - 9/10
Food - 9.5/10
Ambiance - 8.5/10
Service - 9/10

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If you've seen some of our other steak recipes, you'll know that our favourite cut has to be the ribeye. Thankfully living in Calgary you can get these great cuts at your local supermarket for very reasonable prices. After dry aging in the fridge and grilling to perfection I think we make a pretty decent home made steak, however I can easily say that we've been humbled after dining at Vintage Chophouse and Tavern. First of all, the prime Canadian beef is far superior to what we typically get at our local market. Second the dry aging process and the high cooking temperatures are things that we can't quite replicate from home.    

We started off our meal with the steak tartar and seared scallops. The tartar was packed with the briny flavours of capers and complemented the meat perfectly while the scallops were seared just right producing a nice crust and was served over crispy bacon and brown butter.

The main event of the night was the prime rib chop for two. This 32 ounce bone-in chop was hands down the best cut of meat we've ever tasted. First off, the crust on the outside of the meat was perfect and walked the very fine line of crispy charred goodness without being burnt. Next, the meat itself was cooked to medium rather than our usual preferred doneness of medium rare based on the recommendation of our knowledgable waiter. His reasoning is that due to the high fat content of the ribeye, bringing the meat to medium rather than medium rare leads to a more tender bite of meat. Thankfully we listened to his suggestion and were rewarded with amazingly tender meat that was bursting with beefy flavour. Finally the fat, which is arguably the best part of the steak was nicely charred and melted in your mouth with each bite. 

Served alongside generous helpings of scalloped potatoes and wild mushrooms, this was truly a steak dinner for the ages!



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