...Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi (Calgary)

Overall - 8/10
Food - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 7/10
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Shikiji is conveniently located on 16th Avenue, near some of our all time favourite restaurants including Pho Kim and Sun's BBQ house.  With all the competition around, this means that when we actually come here, its for one singular purpose: The Chilli Goma Ramen.  The Chilli Goma used to be a "special only" noodle, but with it's popularity is now a mainstay on the regular menu.

The ramen noodles are neither too soft or hard, maintaining a satisfying chewy texture.  The soup is a spicy sesame broth which is made rich and creamy from the ground sesame seeds.  Be warned, the soup is spicy, but it is more of a subtle heat that builds up slowly.  Topped with stir fried ground pork, shitake mushrooms and a sprinkling of green onion, this noodle is exceptionally good.  Good enough to draw us away from the temptations of Chinese BBQ meat and steamy bowls of pho.

Luckily, Shikiji is no one trick pony and can satisfy a sushi craving with standard sushi offerings.  On this occasion, we had the spicy tuna, spicy salmon and California rolls.  The fish was fresh, however the Sriracha sauce was applied with a heavier hand and seemed like  a cop out for "spicy" rolls.  Unlike the other spicy rolls we've had, where the spiciness complemented the flavour of the fish and other ingredients in it, the Sriracha seemed to smother all other flavours.  After a few pieces, my mouth was too numb to taste the flavours of the fish. 

We also had the katsudon, which is deep fried pork cutlet cooked with egg, onion and a sweet soy sauce.  The presentation is quite dramatic, occupying half our table, but is one of the more enjoyable aspects of this dish.  The pork was cooked just right and overall a solid dish, but nothing special.  As some would say, it was dec.

If you are to try only on dish, we recommend the Chilli Goma Ramen!

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