...Easy Red Wine Braised Beef

As much as we love to cook, there are days where we just don't feel like mucking about in the kitchen too much but still crave a delicious home cooked meal. This recipe for red wine braised beef is so simple that it can be put together in under 10 minutes allowing you lots of time to relax while it's slowly cooking in the oven. After 5 hours, the beef becomes perfectly tender while the flavours of the wine, veggies and beef simmer and thicken together to become the perfect sauce.  I'll admit that this is a pretty bare bones recipe so if you want to bump up the flavours you can add in herbs of your choice (rosemary would be great) and replace the water with beef or chicken stock.
- Bone in beef blade roast
- 3 carrots roughly chopped
- 2 onions roughly chopped
- 1 can of tomato paste
- 1.5 cups of red wine
- 1.2 cup of water
- Salt and pepper

1. Combine all the ingredients into a heavy oven proof pot with a tight fitting lid

2. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and braise the beef for 5 hours or until the meat is tender and pulls apart easily

3. Remove the bones and shred the meat into bite sized pieces with forks or kitchen shears

4. Serve with mashed potatoes or rice


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