...Cheese Making Pt. 3

*This post is a continuation of Cheese Making Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.

The last step is to wax the cheese and wait!  Waxing the cheese ensures that it does not dry out while it ages and prevents it from moulding. 


1. Set up a double boiler using a aluminum pie pan and a pot with about 1.5" of water.

2.  Gently bring water to a boil and add pieces of an unscented, non-toxic paraffin candle.  We bought the biggest candle we could find- about a foot high and 4 inches across.  Then add pieces of crayons for colour so you can tell the wax apart from the cheese later on.  I suggest not using green or blue since it might be hard to detect mould.  Adjust amounts as you see fit, the colour does darken when the wax cools.

We did not end up using the brush or the knife!  We used
a hammer on the candle inside a clean bag.

3.  Make sure the wax is not too hot, by using a wooden skewer to stir the wax and seeing how quickly the wax hardens when you take the skewer out.  Too hot and the cheese will melt, too cool and you won't get a proper layer on the cheese.

 4.  Dip one end of the cheese into the wax and move it around as the wax cools as to ensure all areas are covered.  Wait until wax is at least room temperature and repeat on the same side.  We did this 3 times.

5.  Wait a few minutes for the wax to cool on the one end.  Repeat the dipping process on the other end. 

6.  Wait a few minutes for the wax to cool.  Then begin waxing the sides, dipping the same number of times and pausing in between to allow the wax to cool.  Keep rotating the cheese until it is all covered.

7.  Wait a few minutes for it to completely cool, you may wish to repeat the entire process if you feel there are holes or air bubbles.

8.  Once the waxed cheese is completely cooled, rewrap in a tea towel and place it in your fridge.  How long you age your cheese is up to you, we plan to age ours for at least 2 months.  Remember to periodically check for mould!

You can save the wax in the aluminum pie pan for your next waxing.  Check back for the unveiling in a few months! 


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