...Cheese Making Pt. 2

**This post is a continuation of Cheese Making Pt. 1.

10. Remove cheese from the press.  Carefully peel off the cheese cloth.

11.  Trim top with a clean knife to get a smooth surface.

12.  Sprinkle the entire surface of the cheese with salt and gently rub the salt in with your fingers.

13.  Wrap in a clean tea towel and refridgerate for 1 - 2 weeks, replacing the towel once daily if it is wet.  At the end of 1 - 2 weeks, the outside surface of the cheese should turn slightly yellow and should be dry to the touch.  The time this takes will vary with the conditions inside your fridge.
We decided after a few hours to remove the rack due to some sagging in the cheese.
Check back for Cheese Making Pt. 3 - Waxing & Aging


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