...Surviving the Holidays- #Goals

Instead of New Year's resolutions this year, I'm working on a few goals to make this years holiday season the best possible.  In previous years, the anticipation of Christmas and feel good vibes peaks around the end of November and gradually decreases until by the time the end of January, I'm ready to vomit when I see another left over Christmas cookie.  All kidding aside, here are the three simple goals I'm sharing with you in hopes to keep myself accountable.  I've sprinkled in a few links to recipes just in case you're reading this and were hoping for a food related post ;-)

1.  No room for negativity.  Whether it be a person, thing or situation- keep in mind you are in charge of your own happiness.  Enter every situation with good intentions and positivity.  Realize when someone is not respecting your 'bubble of positivity', they are only projecting their insecurities.  The happiest people are the most secure people.  Realize when something goes wrong, it's a chance to learn or turn things around.
The "No Beef with Nobody" Holiday Prime Rib
2.  Digital detox.  It's easy to get caught up in the lives of others, the constant reminders of what you should be doing, the incessant chatter of what how you should think, feel, want or need.  At my core, I despise social media but appreciate its potential and uses.  I'm limiting myself to text/phone calls only for the 5 days leading up to Christmas.  No web surfing or social media.  The people who are the closest to you, who are truly present in your life are the ones who matter.  They will want to know how you are, what you're up to regardless of whether you've updated your status, tweeted or posted a picture on your Instagram in the last 24 hours.  The key to surviving a digital detox is to plan ahead.  Plan to be busy doing fun things, even better- fun things with people, rather than being busy glued to your device.  By the time you're done doing these fun things, hopefully you'll be so exhausted you will be able to fight the urge to check your phone before bed.

3. Gratitude.  Be thankful and gracious.  Count your blessings and they will multiply.  Truth is, I used to think this was horrible advice.  I would try it and wouldn't immediately feel 'better'.  I've realized that gratitude is a way of life.  Give yourself permission to be upset, sad or angry and then move on.  Be thankful for the time spent with friends and family, everyday.

Blogging is a digital journal so please take this post as such.  These are my own personal goals and my hope is if you internalize any of these, that you won't let stress get in the way of your enjoyment of the holidays.  Are the holidays a stressful time for you?


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