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This post is completely unrelated to food and more about my personal thoughts, but it explains the sporadic updates here on the blog. So if you're still interested, keep reading!
Since childhood, I've always had my hands on something craft related.  When I was eight years old, I carried around a pencil case filled with tiny scissors and squares of paper to cut out different snowflake patterns.  Thrilling.  Fast forward to adult life, I've gone from photography, cake decorating, card making, computer illustration, blogging, knitting/crochet/embroidery to my latest project: jewelry making.  To be honest, I've been making friendship bracelets, beaded geckos and hemp necklaces all my life, so this was a natural progression (haha).
Wire Wrapped Raw Amethyst Pendant
Making jewelry from semi precious gemstones has been satisfying my crafting itch.  Not only do I get to make pretty pieces that are customized perfectly for me, I also love creating a piece of jewelry someone else will enjoy wearing.  In the last month I've decided to share my jewelry by launching my Etsy shop: Gemstone Works
Amazonite Earrings
The process of opening an Etsy shop has been such a great learning experience.  Aside from my day job, the creation of pieces, the photo editing, and even the social media has been keeping me busy.  Putting my shop out there and sharing it with strangers, friends and family has been exciting but also a big step.  I had to put my fears aside; fears of what others might think of my style, my workmanship and even my motives.  However, the words of encouragement and support has made it worthwhile.  Even if I didn't sell a single item it would be worth the effort just to have added to my life experience and personal growth.  (Yes, this post is getting deep!)
Rose Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant
I truly believe that handcrafted items have so much more added value than something you can buy that is mass produced.  The artist has put their personal touch, energy and care into making the item something you will appreciate.  More than ever, I have so much respect for those who produce handmade pieces.  Most of the time, they are in turn supporting local businesses and other artisans.  
White Quartz Drop Earrings
So if you are interested, check out my work over on Etsy at GemstoneWorks.  I've created a Facebook page and I'm also on Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter @GemstoneWorksCA.  Thanks for reading! 


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