...Ikemen Ramen Bar (Calgary)

Overall - 6/10
Food - 6/10
Service - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 5/10

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We were excited to try Ikemen, one of the newer ramen establishments in the city but were unfortunately disappointed by several aspects of the dining experience.  Upon arrival we noticed a lack of a host/hostess or servers, which left us standing for several minutes before someone in the kitchen noticed our arrival.  The restaurant itself is not large and at the time, not very busy so we were a little surprised.  The restaurant also seemed to be unheated and on that chilly autumn night we saw many customers keeping their jackets on just to stay warm.  We had hoped the food would make up for the disappointing start to the evening.

We ordered two appetizers.  First, the unagi poutine and a special: raw octopus marinated in wasabi served with seaweed chips.  If there is one thing we would recommend at Ikemen it would be the unagi poutine which was both unique and quite tasty.  It had chopped unagi in a unagi sauce 'gravy' with cheese curds and bonito flakes on top of the fries.
The wasabi raw octopus was a good concept but unfortunately failed to execute.  The raw octopus was extremely slimy and quite chewy making it hard to eat.  The deep fried seaweed chips were leathery and very hard to chew as well.  We inquired about the chips and the kitchen replaced them with fresh chips which were a great improvement.
We tried the shio ramen and the green curry seafood ramen.  The shio ramen was good and I didn't have much to complain about.  The char siu was extremely tender and the broth tasty.  
Darrin had the green curry seafood ramen and unfortunately the seafood was not fresh.  The seafood had a texture of being previously frozen, slightly mushy.  The broth wasn't particularly tasty, the flavours fell flat to the expectations of a seafood/curry broth.  However, the soft boiled egg was done to perfection in both ramen bowls.
Afterwards we decided to have dessert at Crave where one of the girls working there inquired if I was Taiwanese because I looked like her mother, as we have similar 'bone structure'.  I then suggested she look up Chrissy Teigen's mother, who has an uncanny resemblance to my own mother, as I thought her mother might also resemble Teigen's mother.  I can't speak for Darrin, but that very random conversation, the cupcake and going to the bead store after made the night much more enjoyable.  Maybe it was an off night, but we hope that if we ever go back to Ikemen we will have a much better experience.


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