...Pad Thai

Pad Thai is basically a stir fry of rice noodles with eggs, tofu, bean sprouts and any other vegetables you wish to add.  In our recipe, we used what we had on hand including carrots, onions and Chinese sausage.  Although our sauce does not use the traditional tamarind paste, the flavour is quite similar and dare I say tastier than what we've had in Thai restaurants.

Serves 6
-1 package of rice noodles
-2 white onions sliced 
-4 carrots sliced in long diagonal strips
-6 eggs
-1 package of firm tofu, cut into long strips
-5 Chinese sausages, sliced (optional)
-4 green onions, chopped
-1 bunch cilantro roughly chopped
-1/3 cup of soy sauce
-1/3 cup of water
-4 tbsp oyster sayce
-4 tbsp sweet chill sauce
-4 tbsp ketchup
-2 tbsp sugar
-2 tbsp fish sauce
-2 tbsp sesame oil


1.  Place rice noodles into a large bowl of hot water to soften for at least 15 minutes.

2.  Scramble eggs and put into a large serving bowl.   Fry tofu and Chinese sausage together until tofu is golden on all sides (as much as possible).  Place into the bowl with the egg.

3.  Fry the onions and carrots until the onions are translucent.  Add green onions and cook for a few minutes longer and place into the large serving bowl with the other ingredients.  

4.  Using the same frying pan, add a small amount of oil and begin frying the pre soaked noodles which have been drained in 2-3 batches so as to not over crowd the pan. Once the noodles have softened add to the large serving bowl and cut with scissors to make combining with the other ingredients easier.

5. Make the pad thai sauce by combining the water, soy sauce, sweet chill sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, ketchup, sugar, and sesame oil.

6. Spoon the pad thai sauce over the noodles and add the cilantro. Mix to coat all the ingredients with the sauce and serve with a sprinkling of crushed peanuts.



  1. This recipe sounds very good and i think it is delicious and it fits perfect with my taste. My opinion is that this isn`t a very hard recipe so i will try it very soon, thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Let us know how it turns out. Thanks for checking us out!

  3. This recipe is delicious! I replaced the tofu with thin chicken slices, but other than that, it tastes just like the real thing!