...Honey Garlic Chicken

When we were young we would always look forward to the weekend when my dad would make his special honey garlic chicken wings. It was a deliciously sweet, savoury and garlic flavoured sauce that would perfectly coat each chicken wing. This is my version of my dad's classic dish using a whole chicken instead of just the wings. The harshness of the garlic is taken down by first frying until golden brown, while the soy sauce and honey add both savouriness and sweetness to the chicken.

- One whole chicken broken down into 10 pieces
- 1/4 cup of mushroom or dark soy sauce
- 1/4 cup light soy sauce
- 1 head of garlic finely chopped
- 1 bunch of green onion finely chopped
- 1/4 cup of honey
- 1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds
- 4 tbsp cornstarch
- salt and pepper

1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees

2. Break your chicken down into 10 pieces (2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 breasts each cut in half) or you could use pre portioned chicken pieces. Dust each piece lightly with cornstarch, salt and pepper. Roast in the oven until the chicken is browned and reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees (45-50 minutes)

3. While the chicken is roasting, sauté the minced garlic over medium heat until golden brown. Add the mushroom and light soy sauce and honey

4. Make a cornstarch slurry using 1 tbsp of cornstarch and 2 tbsp of cold water and add to the honey garlic soy sauce to thicken. Add the chopped green onion reserving a few tbsp for garnish

5. Once the chicken is done roasting, add the pieces into the thickened honey garlic sauce and toss to coat each piece. Sprinkle over the toasted sesame seeds 

6. Serve over rice and garnish with the green onion 



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