...Teatro (Calgary)

Overall - 8.5/10
Food - 8/10
Service - 9/10
Ambiance- 9/10
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The Big Taste event was held March 6-15th this year and we were lucky enough to try out a couple of different restaurants over the week. For one week each year, participating restaurants create an affordable prix fixe menu that highlights what they are all about.  We realize this post is after the fact, however, we hope it gives you an idea of the style and flavours presented at Teatro.  The menu at Teatro focuses on traditional Italian flavours using regional ingredients. Dishes like steak tartare, gnocchi and braised pork shoulder were prepared with a high degree of refinement making the meal as a whole both comforting and upscale all at the same time.
Our five course gourmet menu started off with carrot and saffron velutatta with watercress and a house cured bresaola with pickled apple and shaved foie gras. The velutatta was a deliciously rich carrot soup perfumed with the aroma of saffron and our favourite of the two starters. The bresaola was delicate and cut paper thin however we found the shaved foie gras did not add much in the way of flavour.
Blurry due to the 'Hangry' shakes 
The second courses included one of the best beef tartare's we've ever tasted and a comparatively underwhelming marinated eggplant terrine. The tartare was perhaps the star of the night, tasting of fresh beef chopped with just the right amount of texture. The potato and sunchoke crisps nestled amongst the beef added great crunch to the dish.
We could find no fault with the pasta course. The thyme gnocchi were light and airy and matched well with the earthy wild mushroom bolognese. The sweet pea and pancetta risotto was executed perfectly and struck the right balance between buttery risotto rice, rich bacon and fresh sweet peas.
Our mains continued the delicious progression of courses. The Coho salmon was moist and flavourful and served with a tangy preserved lemon emulsion. The butter milk braised pork shoulder was pressed into a terrine shape then fried until crisp on the outside adding a nice textural element to the braised meat.
Dessert options included a deep and rich chocolate hazelnut torta or a bright lemon tart. Both were delicious but the candied hazelnuts on top of the torta completely won us over.
We didn't mention the wine pairing since we couldn't remember half the names but Teatro did a fantastic job pairing the food with the wine.  Overall, an enjoyable experience was had at Teatro.  We felt the Big Taste event allowed us to try many components that are on their regular menu at a great price.


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