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Overall - 9.5/10
Food - 9.5/10
Service - 9.5/10
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There is something about the rainbow of colours in a display of macarons that just speaks to my five year old self who would wonder if crayons tasted as delicious as they looked.  The perfect macaron to me is light, airy, not too sweet or chewy and tastes intensely of the flavour as advertised by its name.  We've had the pleasure of sampling many a macaron over the years in France as well as here in Calgary.  The best ones we've encountered in Calgary thus far are found at Ohh La La Patisserie.  We loved their macarons so much we had them as party favours for our daughter's full moon celebration, which our guests loved and still talk about.

Our favourite macaron flavours at Ohh La La are the pistachio, matcha and lemon velvet.  These encompassed the perfect macaron for us.  Our least favourite was the lychee and raspberry which was still wonderful but the lychee flavour was too subtle to detect.  The list of current flavours can be found on their website.  For our daughters full moon, we spoke with the very friendly owner and pastry chef, Sebastian Judkovski, who was able to fulfill our requests even on short notice.
Also unique to Ohh La La are their macaron cakes.  We tried the mini macaron cakes in matcha and raspberry flavours.  Again, they were just the right texture and not too sweet, topped with fresh fruit.

Our daughter trying to grab at the cake- she already has good taste!
Other than macaron cakes, Ohh La La also makes other impressive cakes and this cute hazelnut dome shaped cake was a taster of what we believe to be their larger "Rocher" cake.  Rich and decadent, it tastes as amazing as it looks!
Not to be missed are their croissants which are flaky and delicious, our favourite is the almond croissant.

On the more savoury side are their caprese rolls which strike the perfect balance of savoury flavour.
Finally we also had their raspberry scones which currently may not be available since they are seasonal but if their other scones taste anything like these, you can't go wrong.
Our overall impression is that Ohh La La takes careful measures to ensure the quality of each pastry.  There has never been a time when we thought their pastries were less than fresh or their seasonings too sweet (or salty).  Everything from the beautiful presentation of the cakes to the personable service reflects chef Sebastian's worthy sense of pride in his craft.  Needless to say, we already have plans to go back and try what we missed!


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