...Corbeaux Bakehouse (Calgary)

Overall - 8/10
Food - 7.5/10
Ambiance - 8.5/10
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The hype surrounding Corbeaux Bakehouse ever since it's opening definitely had us intrigued.  We are the type who are turned off by crowded venues so we didn't exactly have the urge to partake in the craze and figured we'd patiently wait until things were a bit less busy.  However, months later the hype is still very much real.  This was confirmed when we were shopping at the mall and saw young teenage girls with Corbeaux bags filled with only one can presume, delectable pastries.  We decided to try our luck on a Saturday afternoon to pick up a few things for dessert that evening.  Upon entering, we noticed two things: how packed it was and also the French style bistro setting that we had come to love in our travels in France.  The wait to the front of the line was just long enough for us to decide what we were going to get from their impressive display case.  Let's just say we left with more than just a few things.  Here is what we got:

Excessive packaging

Raspberry and Orange Mini Loaves

Berry Financier

Dulce de Leche

Lavender, Pistachio, Maple & Bacon and Yuzu Macarons

Apple and Berry Turnover

Our favourite was the Dulce de Leche which was a decadent, rich caramel flavoured cake.  Not commonly found here, dulce de leche is a flavour that brings back great memories of our travels in Europe when we would get dulce de leche gelato for dessert.  Our least favourite were the macarons, which were overly sweet, masking the flavour of the macaron.  Surprisingly, the best macaron was the maple & bacon flavoured one.  Overall, we appreciated Corbeaux's efforts in creating a French patisserie experience in almost everything from their decor, flavour to the presentation of each pastry.  We do hope that Corbeaux will consider putting price tags next to their items as the lack of price tags seems just a tad pretentious.  

Overall, we like Corbeaux's concept and would go back to try the other pastries in their display case and perhaps if we are patient, get in line to try their lunch or dinner menu.


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