...Momoyama Sushi (Calgary)

Overall - 8
Food - 8
Service - 9
Ambiance - 7
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Momoyama Sushi is located in an unassuming strip mall off Richmond Road.  This small restaurant seemed to have great reviews so we decided to try Momoyama over our usual sushi spot.  When we scanned the menu, we noticed a lack of noodle options like yakisoba and assorted tempura (tempura vegetables with shrimp) but we were not disappointed by the variety of maki sushi, hand rolls and sashimi.  The server was very friendly and efficient.  She made sure to clear every plate as soon as the last piece of food was gone, and asked several times if we were happy with our food.

On this occasion we choose five different maki sushi rolls: spicy tuna, California, rainbow, futomaki and volcano.  We were impressed by the freshness of the fish, good quality rice and care put into making each roll.  The spicy tuna roll was different from what we've experienced in the past, with a tasty spicy ginger and sesame topping.  This is in comparison to a few other places where we've seen Sriracha almost thoughtlessly used as the 'spicy' condiment.
Spicy Tuna Roll
The California roll was creamy as you would expect and one of the better California rolls we've had in a while.
California Roll
The Rainbow Roll is essentially the California Roll topped with an assortment of tuna, salmon, snapper and shrimp.  As mentioned, the fish was fresh and not at all stringy or tough as some subpar cuts can be.  
Rainbow Roll
The flavours of the Futomaki roll was well balanced and delicious.  The Volcano roll consisted of tam ago, avocado, smoked salmon, unagi, tobiko and cucumber.  This roll was very good as well, the unagi not at all fishy and the smoked salmon just the right texture.
Futomaki (left) and Volcano Roll (right)
We were glad to have tried Momoyama and look forward to coming back.


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