...El Charrito Taqueria (Calgary)

Overall - 7.5/10
Food - 8/10
Service - 7.5/10
Ambiance- 7/10
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We frequently drive past the brunch spots on Edmonton Trial and are turned off by the idea of waiting an hour for something we can make at home, but that's just us.  One Sunday, we decided to stop off at El Charritos Taqueria for lunch, located between two popular brunch spots.  Inside we found delicious authentic Mexican food, at good prices in a simple but functional setting.  
Darrin tried the Jarritos Lime soda that was refreshing and sweetened with cane sugar instead of usual corn syrup found in most North American soft drinks.  This gave it a more complex and more satisfying sweetness.

We ordered 4 tacos- beef tongue, chicken, chorizo and shredded beef.  The tacos were fresh with the flavours of onion, cilantro and spices.  Our definite favourite was the beef tongue, which was tender and very flavourful.  You also get the choice of ordering the tacos mild or spicy.  
We also tried the enchiladas with chicken, beef and chorizo filling.  On the side was a generous serving of refried beans and rice.  The enchiladas were topped with a sour cream and queso fresco (a fresh cheese).  The beans had a creamy texture, savoury flavour and went well with the enchiladas.  The dish as a whole was very satisfying to eat. 
Overall, we enjoyed the simplicity and flavours of the food and would go back again-especially for more beef tongue!  


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