...Hisop (Barcelona)

Overall - 9/10
Food - 9.5/10
Service - 9/10
Ambiance 8.5/10

Having recently earned a Michelin Star, we were curious as to what kind of experience we would have at Hisop considering we've never dined at a place with this distinction. Although we have eaten at a lot of great restaurants, few were able to achieve the close to perfect balance between flavour and creativity.  The minimalist decor and extremely efficient servers allowed the diner to focus on the food itself, which is really what this restaurant is about. The nine course tasting menu was a great option to sample the range of delicious Catalan dishes on offer. At 50 Euros per person, Hisop is certainly not cheap, but for the quality and creativity behind each dish it was definitely well worth it. 

Reef Blue Mussels Salad
Despite the lack of greens of a typical salad, this was a refreshing dish with the perfect balance of flavour.  The sweet mussels were complemented by the pesto sorbet and red pepper.  

Smoked Sardines with Almond Soup 
Having had almond soup in Chinese cuisine, it was a little strange having the almond soup which is sweet with the smoked sardine.  However, the subtle flavours were not offensive and the dish was well thought out.

Mackerel with Chanterelles, Bacon and Grated Green Apple
Again, another well balanced dish with the freshness of the mackerel and frozen grated green apple complemented by the richness of the chanterelles and bacon.  

Squid with Burrata and Summer Truffle
The thinly sliced squid had the perfect chewy texture, while the burrata, a type of cheese, added a nice creaminess.  Of course, the truffles added a wonderful aroma as we enjoyed this dish.

Monkfish Suquet With Romesco Sauce
The best dish of the night, in our opinion, the monkfish was meaty and robust enough to stand up to the heaviness of the mashed potato and romesco sauce bubble (Hisop is known to incorporate molecular gastronomy techniques).

Suckling Pig with Plums
The best part of suckling pig is the crispy skin and the creamy layer of fat underneath, this one did not disappoint.  The plum sauce reminded us of the packets of plum sauce you get when you buy Chinese BBQ, but this one was much more subtle in flavour and suited the delicate pork.  

Cheese Platter
A variety of local and French cheese were served alongside quince jelly.  They were mindfully arranged from the most intense flavoured to the mildest flavoured on the plate. 

Peach Sorbet with Melon and Green Tea
A refreshing end to the meal, this peach sorbet was not too sweet so the green tea flavour could come through.  

Smoked Milk Ice Cream
The smoked milk ice cream and foam was unexpected and had a curious flavour, not at all unpleasant.  Though not seen at first, there was a delicious crispy crumble at the bottom of the dish.  


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