...Harry Ramsden's (Edinburgh)

Overall - 2/10
Food - 1/10
Service - 2/10
Ambiance/cleanliness - 3/10
Having Just returned from our trip to the UK, there are several tastes that still linger in our minds, these include traditional sticky toffee pudding, Honeydew beer from Fuller's brewery and a good fish and chips. There were times we were so eager to experience the traditional fish and chips England is famed for that at times we settled for a less than ideal plate of food. 

Such an experience we had at Harry Ramsden's. This chain restaurant is the epitome of bad fish and chips. We should have listened to all the tell tale signs; the lack of customers lining up, the stale looking pre-fried fish drying to a crisp under a heat lamp and the less than ideal hygiene of the servers. The fish was totally overcooked and dry likely due to the fact that it was fried long before being served and left to dry under a heat lamp. The fish itself was fishy and unfresh and tasted like it had been previously frozen and thawed.  
Subpar fish and chips of Harry Ramsden's
We are often asked why there are so few bad restaurant reviews on our blog. The answer is that more often than not, we are quite particular about the restaurants we eat at. By and large the restaurants that are truly special we review and post to share with everyone while those that we aren't quite as excited about may not get its own post. Every so often though we come across an eatery so terrible that we feel compelled to write something about it in hopes that others won't face the same resentment and disappointment we felt. Such a restaurant is Harry Ramsden's. Avoid at all costs. 


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