...Apple Wood Smoked Pulled Pork

Recently we had the pleasure of having some good friends over for dinner during the Labour Day long weekend. As the forecast was for hot weather and lots of sun BBQ was the only option. Normally when it comes to BBQ we're like everyone else and are happy to just quickly grill some burgers and hot dogs under the sun, however on this weekend low, slow and smoke was the way to go.

Here is our recipe for a slow cooked pulled pork rubbed with a delicious dry rub and flavoured with apple wood smoke. If you think its too much work, once you bite into the tender chunks of pork infused with the aroma of fruit wood you'll never be satisfied with 'regular' BBQ ever again.

- 2 bone in pork shoulders
- 1 can of beer
- Dry Rub (your desired combination of any or all of the following spices: brown sugar, salt, paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, cumin, chill powder, onion powder, garlic powder)
- 1 medium sized bag of apple wood chips


1. Generously apply your dry rub all over your pork shoulders and allow to rest in the fridge over night. Soak your wood chips overnight as well.
2. Place your dry rubbed pork shoulders on a roasting tray over a metal rack and empty a can of beer into the tray

3. Create a smoke pouch by placing the soaked wood chips on aluminum foil. Fold over the foil and crimp the edges. Use a fork and poke holes throughout the pouch.

4. Light your propane grill and turn off all of the heating elements except for one. Remove the grill over the lit element and place the smoke pouch on top. Put the roasting tray containing your pork shoulder over the unlit heating elements and turn the heat down to medium low.
5. Every two hours replace the smoke pouch.

6. Once the pork shoulders are tender and falling off the bone (8-10 hours over medium low heat) remove from the roasting tray and shred the meat.

7. Serve as is or with your favourite BBQ sauce in a bun.



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