...Apple Braised Cabbage with Bacon and Sausage

The last few days or so Calgary has been suffering through a bit of a cold snap with temperatures feeling more like fall than summer. With the cooler temperatures I can't help but crave something hearty and filling. This braised cabbage with apple, bacon and sausage is a great fall weather dish that is also easy to make. What really makes this cabbage dish so delicious is the meaty flavour of the bacon, the almost licoricey flavour of the fennel seed and the sage.  Topped with sausage and a side of mashed garlic potatoes, you cannot go wrong!

- one package of sausage
- 5 slices of bacon chopped
- 1 head of red cabbage sliced thinly
- 3 medium onions sliced thinly
- 3 granny smith apples sliced thinly
- 3 tbsp of chopped saved
- 5 cloves of chopped garlic
- 1 cup of white wine
- 2 tbsp of fennel seeds
- 1/3 cup of sugar
- Salt and pepper


1. In a heavy bottomed pan fry your sausage until lightly browned on all sides and set aside

2. In the same pan brown your bacon slowly over medium-low heat. Once brown add your sliced onion and apple and cook till soft. Add your chopped garlic, sage and fennel seed.

3. Add the cabbage, wine, sugar and allow to braise slowly over medium heat until the cabbage is soft

4. Place the sausage on top of the cabbage and cook together for another 20-30 minutes partially covered until the sausage is cooked through and the braising liquid is reduced by half. Season with salt and pepper

5. Serve along side garlic mashed potatoes 



  1. I just made this and it was great. The sweetness of the apple really balances out the cabbage and sausage. Pretty quick to make and makes a lot of leftovers too if you don't like cooking often.

    I used turkey bacon instead of normal bacon and it was still really good.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it, good point about the leftovers, it does work out well if you don't feel like cooking the days after. Thanks for the review.