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Yes, you saw that right.  Fast Food aka Mall Cuisine.  You have to admit that there are times when we all give into the convenience and the primal urge to satisfy ones hunger with some greasy deep-fried-anything.  Here are some reviews of three fast food restaurants we've eaten at in the last few weeks (ones where picture evidence was taken!).   What's your favourite fast food indulgence?  Let us know!

Butter Chicken Poutine


Cultures on Urbanspoon

When we feel like something healthy while shopping at the mall, we usually go for Cultures.  They serve a variety of wraps, sandwiches along with salads and other sides.  They also feature fruit smoothies which we have never tried.  In the past we have always liked their wraps that can be grill pressed and their tangy salads.  You have the option of choosing what goes into your wrap and they are usually quite good because you know what you're getting.  The salad/sides on the other hand, have the tendency to be either hit or miss depending on the location and who put the salad together.  I'm not sure if they are required to work with the same recipes, but sometimes their sides can be bland if the dressing is not done right.  On this particular occasion, we noticed their bean and broccoli salads which are normally quite zesty and tangy were just the opposite: bland and heavy on the mayo.  Even though we have been dissapointed by Cultures a few times now, we will probably try them again.

Chicken Grilled Wrap with Bean and Broccoli Salads
 New York Fries
New York Fries (Chinook Centre) on Urbanspoon

Earlier this year, New York Fries came out with two unique poutines: Butter Chicken and Braised Beef.  Both are great, but the butter chicken is our favourite.  New York Fries does poutines really well, so it was no surprise their new additions are super tasty.  The picture says it all:

Butter Chicken Poutine

Koryo Korean BBQ
Koryo Korean BBQ - Airdrie on Urbanspoon

I've never tried Koryo until last weekend.  As far as fast food goes, their food could have been served at a proper restaurant and I would not have noticed the difference.  I had the Chicken and Beef Combo with 2 sides: Egg and Glass Vermicelli.  The grilled chicken and beef were tender and the sauce was umami.  Was it teriyaki flavoured?  I am not sure, but it was quite similar. I am a huge egg fan, give me anything that contains egg and I will most likely love it.  So the egg side was the best thing in the world and the glass vermicelli had a wonderful seasame oil dressing.

Chicken and Beef are obscured by the sauce-
tasty sauce at that!

 Darrin had the Chicken, Rib and Beef Combo which came with a multitude of sides.  The sides were potatoes, beans, bean sprouts, kimchi and dumplings.  Again, the meat was hot off the grill and the sides delicious.  Both combos are served on a bed of rice which does an excellent job of absorbing the yummy sauces.  I think Koryo might be our new fast food favourite.

Chicken, Beef and Ribs Combo w/ Various Sides


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