...Hill Country BBQ Market NYC

Overall - 8/10
Food - 8.5/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Location - 30 W 26th St New York, NY

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On our most recent trip to New York, having stuffed ourselves with various permutations and combinations of cured and smoked meats of the deli variety, we decided to change things up and go for some smoked meat of a different kind. Our search led us to Hill Country BBQ Market in Chelsea where the signage promises 'Live music, Girls, Guns and Glory.'  Although there were no guns in plain sight, we were not otherwise misled.

Upon entering this establishment one's senses are immediately assaulted with the smells of hickory smoke and notes from a live band. Although the place was packed; within a short 10 minute wait and we were seated and presented with our BBQ passports upon which our nights meaty conquests would be recorded.

Unlike most BBQ joints there is no need to peruse the menu, flag down your waiter and then count down the long agonizing minutes till your meat arrives. Here, one's cravings can be satisfied as fast as your feet can carry you to the BBQ counter. Simply take your meat passport to the counter, and take your pick of any of the regular BBQ standbys or the specials offered daily. Ordering/receiving food the by pound in this case is definately a mark of a good meal to come.  

A must have when visiting the BBQ market is the 'Moist Brisket' (Moist = Fatty). None of the meats we sampled that night came close when it came to tenderness, smokiness and overall lusciousness. Although the smoked pork belly I have to admit came a close second. The pork ribs were meaty, and just tender enough to hold up to one's bite. The only down to the meat selection that night was the beef shoulder which we found dry and too chewy for our tastes. Thankfully a squeeze bottle full of the house made BBQ sauce helped make up for the shoulder's deficiencies.

Pork belly and Pork Rib

Beef shoulder and Pork Belly

If you happen to have room enough for desert I recommend forgoing the generic ice creams and pies served here and sample another cut of meat. We opted for the smoked rib of beef. This was essentially 3-4 servings of beef short rib that you would get at any other respectable restaurant only still connected together on the same giant rib. Again the meat was beautifully tender and complemented perfectly by the rich smoke.

Beef rib

All in all unless you live in a city where BBQ is renowned you will not be disappointed by a visit to Hill Country, where butcher paper for plates and meat by the pound are guarantees of a good meal.


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