...Minute Rice® Ready to Serve Cups (GIVEAWAY CONTEST!)

Read on to see how you can enter to win Minute Rice® Ready to Serve Cups!

We were at the mall a few days ago and something was different.  It was the ubiquitous presence of teenagers presumably shopping for their back to school wardrobe.  Even though our girl isn't old enough for school yet, I can relate to the busyness that fall brings.  With the return of toddler classes, appointments and playdates, I know I'll need to find ways to streamline our everyday routine.  Just the other day, I realized that I was so busy feeding S that I forgot about my lunch altogether.  By this point, I was past hungry and onto hangry.  Conveniently, we were sent Minute Rice®'s Ready to Serve Cups to try and I quickly microwaved one of the Oriental Style cups and ate it with some leftover chicken.  It literally took one minute to heat the rice in the microwave and it was delicious.  My mom came by and noticed the boxes of Minute Rice and even she was surprised by how quickly the rice is ready and tasty even on its own.  Let me just give you some background here: this is my mom, who has shunned the rice cooker and reverted to cooking rice old school on the stove and who is hard to impress when it comes to anything food related (hi mom!).  So just based on this I give Minute Rice® Ready to Serve Cups a big thumbs up.

Here are the details we were provided on Minute Rice® Ready to Serve Cups:
  •  Pre-portioned single serving mini-bowls of rice that are available in Basmati, Whole Grain, Oriental Style, Vegetable Medley, Long Grain & Wild Rice – Fine Herbs, Long Grain & Wild Rice – Chicken Flavour and Mexican.  
  • The rice can be eaten straight out of the cup, as a side dish, or combined with a protein, such as chicken, beef, fish or tofu for a quick one-dish meal.  
  • Some varieties, such as Basmati and Whole Grain, contain plain rice and can be enjoyed on their own or as a base for a meal, while others, such as Oriental Style, contain additional ingredients like peas, sweet red pepper, mushrooms and onions in a light soy-flavoured base. Vegetable Medley, blends peas, carrots and corn with long grain rice.  
  • They are about $2.75 for a sleeve of two 125 gram microwaveable cups
  • Great for kids’ lunches or snacks, take-to-work lunches, or dinner.
Sometimes when you're stuck in a rut, it's hard to be imaginative with rice, so here is a recipe for you to try if you're in a pinch and have some rice on hand.
Photo courtesy of Gail Bergman PR

Minute Rice® Chicken Vegetable Rice Crunch 
Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 4 min
Servings: 4


4 Minute Rice® Ready to Serve Cups – Vegetable Medley 
(I would use one cup per large pita, but you may choose to use less)

Quantities of your choice of:
Cooked shredded chicken
Ranch dressing
Chopped nuts
Sliced celery
Sliced radish
Shredded lettuce
4 Pita bread pockets

 1.            Heat Minute Rice®® Ready to Serve Cup – Vegetable Medley in microwave, per package instructions.

2.            Transfer to bowl, and add cooked shredded chicken and ranch dressing.

3.            Stir in chopped nuts, sliced celery, sliced radish and shredded lettuce.

4.            Stuff into pita halves

To enter to win 48 cups ($66 value) of Minute Rice® Ready to Serve Cups, you must be a Canadian resident (excluding Quebec) and all you have to do is:

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A random winner will be selected from all the entries.  The contest closes on Sept 4, 2015.


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