...Clive Burger (Calgary)

Overall - 8/10
Food - 9/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
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I love a good hamburger and the ones they do at Clive Burger are amongst the best I've had. They may not be pretty (in the conventional sense) or have avant-garde toppings but the beef is great quality, the fixings fresh and the bun perfectly proportioned and tender. So  roll up your sleeves, remove your rings, wrist watch and prepare yourself for a messy, but satisfying experience. 

Chrissy had the single burger with cheddar cheese topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and relish for $7. The beef is sourced from Spring Creek farms which proudly raises their beef ethically without hormones or antibiotics and you can definitely taste the quality. My recommendation is not to overload the burger with too many toppings, otherwise the flavour of the beef might get hidden. For most, this size would be more then enough.
I went all out with the double burger with swiss cheese, topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup and clive sauce (spicy mayo) all for $10. Two delicious patties is more then enough to satisfy even the largest appetites. The sticker on the tomato was the only blemish on an otherwise perfect burger.
The fries here again are some of the best. Their flavour seems to suggest they were fried in peanut oil which results in a super crispy exterior. Go for the Clive sauce for dipping to get the full Clive burger experience. A large for $4 is enough for 4 regular diners or two very hungry ones.
If you want something different from the classic burger and fries, they also serve hot dogs and poutine. For refreshment you can choose from their homemade shakes, local soda or locally brewed beer from Village Brewery. In my opinion, the Village Blonde on tap is the way to go.


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