...Moroccan Tagine

Here is a simple recipe that infuses the exotic flavours of Morocco into your favourite cut of meat. This time around we chose pork shoulder since we had it close to hand, but lamb shanks would be a classic choice to match with the rich spices, sweet dried fruits and salty olives found in this dish. If like us you don't have a traditional tagine, a heavy bottomed oven proof pot with a tight fitting lid will work just fine.
- 1 while bone-in pork shoulder
- 1 large can of pureed tomatoes
- 1 jar of Moroccan tagine sauce
- 2 onions roughly chopped
- 1 cup of dried apricots, roughly chopped
- 1 cup of golden raisons
- 1 cup of sliced olives
- salt and pepper   

1. Place the pork shoulder, tomato purée, tagine sauce, onions, raisons, apricots and 1 cup of water into a heavy bottomed oven proof pot

2. Once your oven is preheated to 300 degrees bake the pork shoulder for 6 hours 

3. Remove pork shoulder and allow to cool for 15 minutes

4. If the sauce is too thin, reduce over low heat until it reaches your desired consistency. Skim off any fat that reaches the surface

5. Season the sauce with salt and pepper and add the sliced olives

6. Shred the pork into bite sized pieces, discard the bones and fat

7. Return the meat to the sauce and serve over rice, couscous or even quinoa



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