...Casa Román (Sevilla)

Overall - 9/10
Food - 9/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 9/10

Plaza de los Venerables 1  
Seville, Spain 41004 
954 228 483

If you've seen our previous post on Tapas Tips you'll know that we spent a lot of time trying to find good tapas places throughout our journey. Of all the suggestions that we came up with, this place met all the criteria. Nestled in the narrow winding streets of the Jewish Quarter this restaurant has been in operation since 1934 likely due to the honest and delicious food it has been serving at very reasonable prices. Sitting outside on a wooden stool enjoying the warm Seville evening with such great food has been one of the best memories of our entire trip.   

Below are some of the dishes we sampled during our numerous visits: 

Jamón Ibérico de Bellota
This Iberico ham is from the black footed pig which is fed exclusively on a diet of acorns. The meat has a pleasant nuttiness that is very unique

Queso Viejo de Oveja
Aged goat cheese, was a firm nutty cheese that was similar to manchego

Chorizo Ibérico 
Spicy chorizo sausage made from Iberico pork

Caña de lomo Ibérico
Cured loin of Iberian pork

Young goats cheese

Pimientos asados caseros
Roasted red peppers, had a sweet and smokey flavour that was great smeared on crusty bread

Boquerones en vinagre
Anchovies marinated in vinegar, was unlike the typical salty anchovies we have here, they're more subtle in flavour and less fishy  

Choco frito
Deep fried cuttle fish, was crispy tender and fill of cuttle fish flavour

Bacalao frito
Deep fried salt cod, was moist and fresh tasting

Refreshing chilled tomato soup similar to gazpacho but thicker and served with ham which added a rich meaty flavour

Costillitas de cerdo Ibérico a la plancha
Grilled iberian pork ribs, were simply seasoned with course salt and pepper allowing the intense pork flavour to shine

Estofado de carrillada Ibérica 
Iberian pork cheek stew, was slowly braised resulting in perfectly tender pork and delicious sauce

Tortillas de jamón
Iberian ham omlet, was the perfect combination of salty ham and fluffy egg

Entrecot de ternera con patatas
Grilled rib eye steak, grilled to medium rare and seasoned simply with course salt

Arroz con leche and Café Solo
Rice pudding and espresso, were the perfect way to finish off the night

Our friendly waiter who we got to know well over the course of 5 meals!


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