...Salt and Pepper Restaurante Mexicano (Calgary)

Overall - 7.5/10
Food - 7/10
Service - 8.5/10
Ambiance - 7.5/10

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Located in the heart of Bowness, this little mexican eatery was the perfect place to chill out on a warm summer day after an afternoon of bike shopping at neighbouring Bow Cycle. To be honest, mexican food has never been a cuisine that we find our selves craving, maybe it's the lack of authentic places in Calgary or the greasy americanized dishes you find at Taco bell, but on a hot day the inviting patio at this Bowness location was too inviting to pass up.

With the hot sun on our shoulders, mexican beer and mojitos where the first order of business while we perused the menu.

Eventually we decided on 'las fajitas' and the 'Combination poblana.' The chicken fajitas were served with guacamole, and fresh tortillas while the chicken was smothered in a rich tomato sauce that was full of flavour. The combination plate included a chilli relleno, taco and enchilada. Every once in a while you taste something that awakenings your taste buds with flavours that you've never experienced before. Such a taste was the mole sauce served over the enchilada. This thick, chocolatey and spicy sauce was quite delicious and still one of the flavours that sticks in my mind even a month after dining at Salt and Pepper. 
Combination Poblana
Las Fajitas
It's not often that you taste something truly unique. The mole was one of those tastes and is reason enough for me to return to this mexican restaurant.