The Ship On The Shore (Edinburgh)

Overall - 8.5/10
Food - 9/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10

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Living in a landlocked city like Calgary, seafood really is a luxury that has to be shipped from afar. As we were planning our trip to Edinburgh with its close proximity to the ocean, a big seafood feast was something we were anticipating the moment our tickets were booked. Located right on the shores of Leith, The Ship sources much of its seafood from the rich waters of Scotland.

We figured the best way to sample all that Scottish seafood has to offer was through the "Fruits De Mer Royale." As the name implies this is the top of line seafood platter that covers the range of fresh seafood delicacies The Ship has to offer. Priced at £85, the 'Royale' was on the pricier side but well worth it considering there is enough food to easily satisfy 3 hungry diners. 

Below is a list of items included:
- Whole scottish lobster
- Langostines
- Whole dressed brown crab
- Oysters
- King scallops
- Spoots (Razor clams)
- Surf Clams
- Mussels 
- Smoked Salmon
- Arbroath Smokie (Salted and smoked haddock)
- Ship's Chips
- Salad 
- Mignonette sauce and homemade tartar sauce

With so many items to sample from the 'Royale' its was hard to keep track of each one, but suffice to say that the seafood was as fresh as it gets. Our favourite item had to have been the razor clams. Each one was perfectly steamed and coated in a herbaceous butter sauce, the same sauce was found on the clams and mussels and perfectly highlighted the shellfish flavours. 

The brown crab was also as fresh as any we've ever tasted. Served in the shell was the succulent crab meat dressed with a creamy herb mayonnaise which removed the hassle of having to crack shells. If you're one who enjoys cracking shells though and working for your meal the legs were perfectly cooked and filled with loads of fresh and sweet meat. The Smoked salmon and haddock were also both delicious balancing the freshness and moistness of the fish with just enough smoky flavour. 

If you find yourself in Leith, a visit to The Ship is a must if fresh seafood is what you're craving. They do offer a less extravagant version of the 'Royale' if your appetites aren't as voracious as ours, but regardless of what you order you are guaranteed to have a great meal.


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