...Happy Valley Restaurant (Calgary)

Overall - 8/10
Food - 8.5/10
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10

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 BBQ Platter = Hells yea

Happy Valley Restaurant located in the heart of Chinatown, serves up quality Cantonese style dishes at great prices.  Located on the second floor of a corner building, the restaurant feels comfortable and has large windows offering patrons a great view of Center Street.  The service is both efficient and friendly. 

When we are in the area, we like to stop by for a quick lunch, in particular, their BBQ meat seems to always satisfy, portions exceeding our expectations, which in this case is an awesome thing.  The quality is definitely on par with the best we've had and who can resist the bed of roasted peanuts on which the meat is served upon?  (If you're allergic to nuts then we're sorry!)

BBQ Platter on another occasion

Besides their BBQ, their menu offers the typical fried rice, soup noodles and chow mein.  My personal favourite is Singapore style chow mein, which is a fried rice vermicelli, shrimp, bean sprouts, bell peppers, egg and BBQ pork (char siu) all tossed in a light curry flavoured sauce.  

Another common dish is the pork chow mein, in which the contrast of the very crispy egg noodles and thick sauce make for the perfect texture and flavour.  
On the days when I feel like something a little lighter, I go for the vegetarian option of green onions and ginger on noodles with soup on the side.  The flavours of the ginger, green onion and oyster sauce along with the soup make for delicious flavours.  The large portion served with bok choy for just over $5, you cannot go wrong with this choice.
If you like a heartier noodle soups with meat, look no further than the beef flank noodle soup.  The beef is tender and served with bok choy and the flavourful braising sauce. 
We hope you enjoy this restaurant as much we do!


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